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kokoro of “tonono” The name “tonono” originates from “Tono region” which extends over southeastern part of Gifu prefecture. The term tono-no  (“no” means “in or “of” in Japanese) bears various connotations, such as “People of Tono”, “Timber of Tono”, “Land of Tono”, “Four seasons in Tono”, and “Culture of Tono”, etc.
 Forestry has been a major industry in Tono region since early times. The woods of Tono have been lumbered as precious product. Even today, they are used as sacred trees in an installation of a deity in a new shrine at Ise Grand Shrine, which takes place in anniversary years. It is our desire to apply the wood culture inherited over a long period of history in this modern age.
Japanese cedar and cypress are “light weight” and give “warm’ feelings even in winter, have “soft” texture and are very comfortable to use.
One of the advantages of tonono is that it is made hard to warp with our new patent-protected process. We hope you will enjoy the unique features that only tonono can offer.