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うんちく ハギの技術からうまれた特許工法

■Characteristic 1: Less subject to warp

Patent-protected assembly method invented from patchery craft technique

The “tonono” offers amazing features including
“less likely to warp”, “lightweight”, “warm”, “soft”, and “comfortable texture”.

In addition, “fun and beautiful wave patterns” and “connectable shapes” are among unique features of “tonono”.

These are invented by “joined forces of Tono” orchestrating “accumulated research”, “history of Tono”, “four seasons of Tono”, “climate in Tono”, “manufacturers in Tono”, and “users in Tono”




  • 岩魚の里 峡
  • とこわか

■Characteristic 2: “Shape for a reason”

The design of “tonono” employs shapes for a reason

Shapes effectively utilizing the wave pattern
“chop sticks rest”

Shapes taking advantage of the feature that is less likely to warp due to unique crafting technique
“bath mat”
“place mat”
“dining table”

Shapes taking advantage of the innate characteristics of Japanese cedar and Japanese cypress
“bath chair”

Shapes optimizing fun and beautiful features of wave patterns

  • desk
  • お箸置き
  • oju-
  • バスマット
  • ランチョンマット
  • ダイニングテーブル
  • チェアー
  • お風呂椅子
  • スツール
  • カウンタースツール
  • 時計
  • フック
  • フードプレート